Best Pizza Delivery in Portland, Oregon

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Portland is known for eccentricity, and it does not stop at the people. Check out these Portland pizza delivery options for pies with a twist.

Hammy’s is known for it’s inspired topping combinations, like the delicious “Breakfast Pie,” with roasted potatoes, bacon, eggs, and a dash of hot sauce. Some, like “Matt’s Pie,” featuring pepperoni, pineapple, red onion and jalapeƱos, may sound intimidating, but everything on the menu has well balanced flavors. With so much on each pizza, Hammy’s is great when you are starved. Specialty pizzas are $21 for a 17″ pie. They also have a wide delivery radius from their location in the South East Portland Clinton neighborhood.

Pizza Roma is secretly a vegan pizza lover’s dream. A glance at the menu reveals many veggie intense pizzas, but no vegan pie. Those in the know ask for “The Riddler,” the best vegan pizza in town. You will be enthralled by the creamy hummus base, and a score of tasty vegetables on top, including spinach, artichokes and roasted peppers. Carnivores, don not despair, the menu includes plenty for you, including the aptly named “Predator.” A 15″ gourmet pizza will cost you $23. Located in Portland’s Woodstock neighborhood in South East, Pizza Roma caters to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Old Town Pizza offers only four specialty pies at around $23 for a large, but the number of toppings available is impressive. It is best to pick your favorites, and build your own. There are gourmet toppings like walnuts, roasted garlic and rosemary chicken, plus classics like mushrooms and onions. What really sets Old Town Pizza apart is their eco-friendliness. They offer bike delivery from both of their locations. They have specially designed bikes that hold many pizzas and keep them hot. The original shop is in downtown Portland and the second is in inner North East.

Hot Lips makes great pizza, and their own line of sodas. They come in distinct flavors, like pear and boysenberry, which are inspired by the region’s best fruits. The whole menu is written with Portland’s appetite for locally sourced food in mind. They have separate menus for different times of year and notes on the origins of ingredients. The “Winter Squash and Brie” pizza will have you begging for the rainy season, even at $27.75 for an 18″ pie. They have five locations around town, so chances are you are in a Hot Lips delivery zone. Baraka Sarana Tama

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