All about vegetarian bread and its ingredients

Opting towards vegan life is basically taking a step towards minimizing animal exploitation and cruelty. Some of the basic foods that one can contribute to this vegan journey are Cakes and bread. This is a huge market that targets the use of eggs, thus moving towards vegetarian bread and Bakes can create a huge positive impact.

Identification of vegan & non-vegan

But before that, one should be able to identify whether the things they are opting for are vegan or not. To understand this, one should just take a look at the ingredients list. As it is very obvious that vegetarian bread will not include eggs. Some other ingredients should also be checked before buying.

  • Mono and diglycerides – These are generally from soybean oil. These are used as emulsifiers helping in improving the texture of the bread. But in this case, one should also remember that these substances are also derived from animal fat sometimes.
  • Lecithin – This is also one type of emulsifier that is generally taken from soya beans. It can also be derived from egg yolks and helps to make this cake sponge soft.

Although you can know a lot by taking a look at the ingredients list. But as mentioned earlier, apart from the direct use of cakes, sometimes these indirect use of animal products are also done. Therefore, if someone is to be assured of 100% vegan use, it is recommended to avoid these ingredients and go for other options