carton boxes for moving house singapore

How to find cartons for moving house?

Moving residence can add to the stress of having to handle and schedule multiple services and the physical labor needed during this time of pandemic worry.

Moving years of belongings from one location to another is no easy task, let alone your entire life, but it can also be quite thrilling!

To keep you sane and well prepared for move-in day, we’ve compiled a list of 6 places where you can obtain carton boxes for moving house singapore for a low price or free!

  1. Supermarkets

Large grocery chains like Giant and NTUC Fairprice and local neighborhood stores should have plenty of large boxes available.

  1. Local retainer and stores

Local stores and retailers abound in Singapore, and these establishments are frequently excellent providers of free moving boxes.

Pharmacies, department stores, liquor stores, office supply stores, and home improvement stores, in particular, will carry the appropriate size boxes.

  1. Recycling Centers

If supermarkets and other establishments run out of free boxes, recycling centers are your next best option.

  1. Neighbors and friends

Simply inquiring around your circle of friends and neighbors is one of the simplest ways to find free moving boxes.

  1. Boxing websites on the internet

If you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of looking for carton boxes for moving house singapore at supermarkets, merchants, or friends, you can buy them online, which will ensure that they are clean, dry, and robust enough to bear the weight of your belongings.

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