Review Of Dirty Hari Movie:

Dirty hari is an extraordinary movie with a modern storyline. You will enjoy the watching movie because it has the most beautiful and outstanding storyline. This movie is very advanced in terms of story in telugu film industry. Youth might face these kinds of situations in real life, but making a movie out of it was really bold. This movie was really interesting and insightful to be careful about the love, lust and many more emotions. Dirty Hari is the story of Hari who comes from the small town and looks out for bigger and amazing dreams. New Telugu movies online are really interesting to watch. Watch Dirty Hari movie online only on aha.



This movie is very romantic and as well erotic too, as their is a lot of adult stuff. There are some slight changes which are definitely watchable. You get a lot of information about things that might go wrong that you can’t decide with whom you  must spend the time together. This movie is a life lesson you will get. This is a romantic story of Hari who is dirty in nature. He comes to the city with the ambiance of great life. He wants to become rich and have everything in place. After coming to the city he joins a school as a chess teacher because he is a professional chess player. There he meets Akash who is a good chess player who often comes to visit school. He becomes friends with him, akash is a very rich person who doesn’t have parents and he stays with uncle’s family. He also has a sister called Vasuda. Slowly when they all meet Vasuda and Hari fall in love with each other and dream of a life together. At that Jasmine and Akash will be in relation. Hari gets attracted towards Jasmine and lusts her. Watch the movie to know how he manages both the girls.


Technical Aspects:

  • This movie has beautiful characterization, all the characters in the movie are really impressive and you will enjoy watching all of them together.
  • Story of the movie is just awesome and even adult, you can’t sit and watch with your parents but you can enjoy it with friends. This movie has all adult scenes and expressions but went well in the right way.
  • This movie has the most beautiful and amazing cinematography. Every shot to shot and frame was set in the right to make the movie in the richest way.
  • This movie has the right background music, it’s very intesful but not at all disturbing. You will feel the movie with the help of the music.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Shravan Reddy

Actress: Ruhani Sharma

Other Actors: Ajay, Simrat Kaur

Director: M. S. Raju

Producer: GuduruSateeshBabu, Guduru Sai Puneeth

Music Director: Mark K. Robin

Cinematographer: M. N. Bal Reddy

Editor: Junaid Siddiqui

Other Information:

Release Date: 18 December 2020

Running Time: 107 minutes

Genre: Erotic, Thriller

Available On: Aha

New Telugu movies online are really interesting to watch. Watch Dirty Hari movie online only on aha.


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